You may be unsure if hypnosis is for you. People are often “scared” to try hypnosis or have associated hypnosis with feelings of losing control. Hypnosis is the least invasive technique when it comes to mind-body healing and it has been used in healthcare since the 1840’s. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian healers were the first civilizations to use hypnosis dating back to 2500 years ago! Some medical doctors use hypnosis as part of the healing process to reduce the side effects from drugs and to help speed up the patient’s recovery. Dentists are even using hypnotic techniques when administering nitrous oxide to relax patients. It’s no secret that hypnosis is the future of mental healthcare. Instead of prescribing medications that often stop working after a while and have undesirable side effects, hypnosis starts the healing process in the mind, getting to the root cause of your issues and changing the way we think and view situations.

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